Our Mission

We provide information on career opportunities and employment for employees and employers around the world through job-opening research that increases productivity and hiring success rates.

Our companies enable job seekers to achieve higher levels of professional success and enable enterprises and other professional organizations to find and connect with the world’s best talent.

The key elements of our strategy are to:

Optimize our job search products and services. We pursue initiatives that promote the career and labor force growth of clients. Our initiatives include search engine optimization, registration optimization, seamless integration with employers’ job sites, and enhancements to our communications capabilities.

Serve as the online resume reource of record. By providing our candidate site members with the tools they need to keep their resumes updated and visible to search engines, we seek to be the online resume resource of record for job seekers worldwide. Our goal is for any employer to be able to find, connect with, and learn about qualified individuals using our platforms.

Be the essential source for professional insights about employment. Our companies enable job seekers to learn and and share information about employers and employment easily and anonymously. We add value to this professional information by providing relevant, timely business and career intelligence, insights, and recommendations that help people navigate their career paths.

Work wherever job seekers and employers work. Our company sites and apps are available in multiple platforms so they are accessible on most mobile and other internet-connected devices. Flexibility ensures that our members have uninterrupted access to our network.

Increase monetization while creating value. We invest significantly in targeting capabilities and analytics, leveraging them and our unique business model to provide the best resources for job seekers and employers worldwide. By providing our members with better tools to share their professional skills and insights, our hiring solutions can more efficiently and effectively identify specific active and passive candidates for the opportunities we discover.

Maintain and grow our international presence. We seek to dominate the job search category worldwide by expanding our sales, technical abilities, language capabilities and support operations in key international locations. By doing so, we will expand our international member base.