Our History

About Us

The Employment Research Institute has literally helped millions worldwide land their dream jobs. We are the largest direct operator of niche job databases in the world and are one of the first companies to offer an integrated cross-posting/job distribution and strategy optimization technology solution to our clients.
Employment Research Institute was founded on the idea that people’s lives and businesses can be greatly transformed and defined when they discover the means to drive their professional destinies and reach their career and business goals. Our mission is to assist all professionals and employers alike with finding the most satisfying careers and job candidates, respectively.

At the Employment Research Institute we pride ourselves on building meaningful relationships with our clients. Our selection of Products & Services is the ultimate tool chest for job seekers, employers and job database operators alike.


Our mission is to provide job-opening research and information to people throughout the world to increase their productivity and success rate.

Job seekers come first.

We believe that prioritizing the needs of job seekers is the most effective, and ultimately the most profitable, way to accomplish our mission and to create long-term value.

Our solutions are designed to enable job seekers to achieve higher levels of performance and professional success and enable enterprises and professional organizations to find and connect with the world’s best talent.

The key elements of our strategy are:

Foster Viral Growth of Our Job Search Product for Employers and Employees. We want to pursue initiatives that promote the viral growth of our products, service employers, and employees. These initiatives include search engine optimization, registration optimization, seamless integration with employer’s own job sites, and enhancements to our communications capabilities. Viral growth is a critical element in our mission to connect people with jobs.

Serve as the Online Resume of Record for Employees and a Portal Site for Employers to Search Resumes. By creating and maintaining trust among our member base and providing them with the tools they need to keep their resumes updated and visible to search engines, we seek to be the online resume profile for every job seeker worldwide. It is our goal that any employer can find, connect with, and learn about qualified individuals using our platform.

Be the Essential Source for Professional Insights About Employers. We seek to be the essential source for relevant shared professional knowledge and data about employers. We want our platform to enable job seekers to easily learn about and contribute and share information about employers if they choose to do so. We desire to create more value from this information by providing relevant and timely business and career intelligence, insights, and recommendations to people through our site, enabling them to be more productive and successful.

Work Wherever Job Seekers Work. We want to make our programs available via open application programming interfaces, or APIs, and embeddable widgets to enable access to our solutions anywhere professionals work. In addition, we seek to make our platform accessible on a large number of mobile and other Internet-connected devices to ensure members have constant access to our network.

Increase Monetization While Creating Value.
We intend to leverage our unique business model to further monetize our platform while adding value to job seekers, enterprises, and professional organizations on a global scale. For example, by providing our members with better tools to share their professional skills and insights, our hiring solutions can more efficiently and effectively identify specific active and passive candidates for a particular opportunity, resulting in benefits for both members and customers. A core part of our strategy is making our solutions more relevant for our members and customers by significantly investing in targeting capabilities and analytics.

Have An Important International Presence. We seek to dominate the job search category in every country on earth. We intend to expand our sales, technical, and support operations in additional international locations and expand our international member base by making our platform available in more languages and further developing our brand across various international geographies.