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About is the oldest attorney directory on the Internet, started in 1995. is currently run by A. Harrison Barnes, a well-known search engine expert, attorney, two time Inc. 500 entrepreneur in the legal space, speaker, and search engine and business-growth author. 

Barnes is the founder of LawCrossing,,, BCG Attorney Search, JD Journal and numerous companies in the legal industry.  Barnes is also the author of books about how to grow businesses and search engine optimization as well as the author of hundreds of articles in the legal and career spaces.   Additionally, Barnes has run a small law firm for several years.

Barnes is also the former Chief Technology Officer of Business Breakthroughs International, a business consulting company started by Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes.  Here, Barnes spoke at major events and developed a national search engine optimization and reputation management business that worked with thousands of businesses.

Why ?

Through his work in the career space helping attorneys find employment, Barnes realized that an attorney’s online reputation and search engine rankings were extremely important—if not essential—to  long-term success in the practice of law. 

  • First, attorneys need business.  The most important factor for success in an attorney’s career is having business.  Like it or not, attorneys inside of law firms are in constant competition with their own peers for the same clients.  Over time, attorneys without business are forced out of law firms, may leave the practice of law and struggle throughout their careers.  Power in the legal profession is attributed to the attorneys with business.  A huge percentage of companies and individuals search for and compare attorneys online. Barnes wanted a way to aid attorneys with benefitting from this medium.
  • Second, attorneys need to get found in order to get business.    Barnes wanted a way for attorneys to consistently drive people to their online profiles and gain business. Most attorneys Barnes knew spent their days inside of large law firms rarely interacting with clients.  In order to have successful careers, attorneys need to generate as much business as possible.  Barnes envisioned a program where attorneys could be the first attorneys found online when companies and others were searching for legal services—and that these profiles would follow them even if they moved firms.  By creating a robust profile and constantly building links to this profile, Barnes found a way to promote his clients.  Because most attorneys do not understand the importance of their online presence, clients are able to benefit immensely from these services.
  • Third, attorneys need strong online profiles for long-term success.   These profiles are seen by employers, clients, and many others.  Using his experience in the recruiting business, Barnes realized the importance of attorneys having strong online profiles that continually improve over time. These profiles show employers and clients that an attorney is invested in his own future.  The profiles drive business to these attorneys and help them stand out throughout their careers.  Search engines reward consistent, long-term work and you cannot manipulate the results quickly.  Barnes knew that he could help attorneys rise to the top in their careers by helping them invest in their own long-term success.

When an attorney signs up for, we deploy all of our company’s resources to drive business to them.